Removal of under-eye bags and dark circles under eyes

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Ultrasonic treatments

Ultrasonic treatments can have an effect on the removal of bags and small wrinkles around your eyes in the way it improves your circulation as well as the creation of the new collagen. The method is not painful but very pleasant. Five to eight treatments are necessary, and it is recommended to be done every 2-5 days. The treatment duration is 15 minutes, and your under-eye bags will not be so visible.

By treating under-eye bags and dark cricles with ultrasonic method, they will no longer be swollen and dark.

The treatment is very pleasant and painless, as it works as a massage, so it is good for relaxation.

An ideal combination along with the under-eye bags removal treatment is a mini face treatment which cleans the face thoroughly. It also hydratizes and refreshens your face.

Details about the treatment

Ultrasonic treatment helps with many skin problems on the face and body, such as sagging skin as well as the skin prone to acnes and whiteheads. It is especially eligible after a classical face cleansing because it tenders irritated skin and redness. Also, the ultrasonic treatment removes all the accumulated water in the body and toxins which could make us look puffy. The biggest impact, however, the ultrasound achieves in breaking cellulite and skin tightening. The ultrasonic treatment functions in the way that the ultrasonic energy in the tissue transforms into thermal energy and in that way stimulates the tissue.