Royal face treatmant Mirja

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The skin has protective, sensory and regulatory function and protects us from external factors.

Royal face treatmant Mirja involves a number of methods, which help with the self-regeneration of the skin, depending on the skin type and its disadvantages.

Royal face treatment Mirja with cleansing includes:
– classic, mechanical cleansing of the face
– ultrasound facial massage to calm possible redness after cleansing
– hydrodermabrasion
– cryotherapy (facial cooling) for fixation active ingredients applied such as vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients and closing the pores
– color treatment (chromotherapy), blue color is especially suitable after cleansing because it has antibacterial and antiviral effects.

If classical, mechanical cleansing of the face is not necessary, the Royal Mirja treatment contains hydrodermabrasion to clean the pores and make thorough facial scrub, ultrasound massage, cryotherapy and color treatment.

The individual approach achieves the best results.
Sensitive and dry skin requires different care compared to oily skin prone to pores and comedones. Accordingly, this treatment is specifically determined for your skin deficiencies.

With this treatment, we have successfully treated particularly problematic acne and scarred skin in teenagers.
For top results, we always recommend combinations of treatments, especially if you have more things to correct. Thus, after a certain number of treatments of acne skin as a part of the Royal treatment Mirja, microneedling treatments are recommended to treat scars.

Proper skin care is essential to make it healthy, beautiful and fresh.

By combining healthy eating habbits and healthy lifestyle with proper care, you can achieve a lot in improving your overall appearance.