Permanent make-up: Powder eyebrows

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Powder eyebrows are the most popular and the most natural method of eyebrow shading.

Eyebrows affect overall appearance and it is very important that they are in harmony with an individual lines of a face and natural as we love. Those more thicker and more natural makes a face look younger, but thick eyebrows do not match everyone, so it is very important that an eyebrow shape adjusts to a certain facial shape.

Powder eyebrows are one of the most performing method and very popular, with many benefits. Thanks to the gentle semi-transparent shadowing at a very low depth, they look thicker, fuller and more natural than other techniques.

Powder eyebrows are considered a more modern method of permanent make-up because it is done on the surface of the skin, and the results are much more powdery which the very name of the technique itself says, with a shadow transition. The beginning of the eyebrows is blurred, and the end of eyebrows is sharp and precise. This technique gives the impression that the eyebrows are colored with eyebrow shadow with no harsh sharp lines and excessive pigment.

Beside the advantages of this technique, powder eyebrows method is also special because the pigment does not fade in time, so there is no worry that green or pink eyebrows will appear after some time.

Powder eyebrows are much safer and painless compared to Japanesse technique (microblading). After treatment your eyebrows have a natural look, with no rigid contours and gentle and smooth shape. It is therefore recommended to anyone who wants to have beautifully rounded and slightly defined eyebrows.

For whom this technique is ideal?

Powder eyebrow technique is ideal for oily skin and for covering old permanents and is also great for mature skin, as well as for those who are not happy with the appearance of their thin and invisible eyebrows. The treatment is relatively painless, and the most important thing is that no scars remain, as it is performed by surface shading and the color adjusts to your skin.


First, a special divider determines clear symmetry, shape and thickness of the eyebrows.

After that, with special machine which moves over the eyebrows, we open the pores for the purpose of faster anesthetic product activity. Eyebrows shading is done with a machine similar to tattoo machine. We choose the color so that they get the most natural appearance possible.

The contours are immediately thicker and more expressive at the end of the treatment, but after seven days they are 40-50% lighter and 15-20% thinner and for this reason correction is made.

The first correction is done after 3 weeks.

Durability is up to two years, depending on skin type.

After treatment, we put vaselin on the eyebrows so that they do not dry out. It is very important to follow the instructions after the treatment for optimum results.

The first day it is important to wash the eyebrows with warm water and neutral shampoo without stretching the skin and circling. After washing, the eyebrows should be lubricated with vaselin, in case of extremely oily skin, vaselin and panthenol should be used. The first day washing is done every hour, as well as vaselin. The first evening it is recommended to put the nylon foil before vaselin in order not to dry them.

For the next seven days, this is how long should care last after the treatment, the eyebrows should only be lubricated with vaseline.

Treatment pictures