Lash lift

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Lash lift is a procedure during which we are twisting and lifting your natural eyelashes. In most cases, this treatment is combined with dyeing eyelashes, and after this procedure your look is much prettier. It is ideal for women who prefer natural look, and do not like to wear mascara.

With this procedure, your natural eyelashes lift up and become more expressive on your face.
For those with bright eyelashes, they are additionally dyed, mostly in black colour.

Mascara further enhances the effect of the lash lift and can be used freely after this treatment.
The effect lasts 6-8 weeks.

After lash lift treatment in the salon we recommend eyelashes care to hydrate them, but also for their thickness and firmness. The care is suitable for their renewal especially after some illness when they are weak and rare.
The combination of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids allows lashes to grow thicker and longer 30% to 50%

The treatment is non-aggressive and can be done after the lash extension, but after 48 hours, so that eyes can get some rest from adhesive.

It is important to note that after this treatment eyelashes should not get wet. One should avoid sauna or solarium, and it is recommended to avoid applying mascara during the first 24 hours.

This treatment will extend your lashes, but the results are less visible on people with very short eyelashes. In this case we recommend using products that can help to extend them with natural methods.

While lash extensions require regular and special care, lash lift does not require any special effort or maintenance.

This treatment is suitable for every season, especially for the summer when we are often having troubles with black spots beneath eyes caused by mascara. Feel free to try the latest method of twisting and lifting eyelashes!