Infrared termo blanket and cavitation

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What is infrared termo blanket?

Infrared termo blanket is a useful way for losing weight and body shaping, and it is based on infra red beams which have a beneficial effects on the body. Treatments have an esthetical effect in a sense of a weight loss and cellulite reduction, as well as a medical one.


  • body detoxication
  • resolves deep body fat
  • speeds up lypolisis and sweating
  • ejects toxins from the body such as heavy metals and poisons
  • speeds up the metabolism
  • it balanses autonomic nervous system, betters the muscle mass, lactic acid and liver function
  • it improves your mood
  • it enhances the immune system
  • it improves circulation

Ultrasonic cavitation

Ultrasonic liposuction – cavitation gives you the perfectly shaped body! Cavitation helps you lose even 1-4 cm in waist with only one treatment, eliminates hard cellulite on the thighs, so called „saddle pants“ as well as fat excess on the stomach and thighs. It also successfully eliminates cellulite and fat excess from knees and upper arms. It selectively destroys subdermal fat cells while skin, cardiovascular system, nervous and muscle system remain untouched. After the treatment the skin surface remains undamaged, there is no pain so that our clients can return to their everyday activities.

Ultrasonic cavitation can be considered an excellent alternative to surgical liposuction. However, cavitation is far less aggressive weight loss method. This method does not use anesthesia or cut surrounding tissues. Cavitation in most cases does not cause undesirable side effects, but it is certainly necessary to carry out an anamnesis of the person to whom cavitation is to be applied.

If  everything is done properly, side effects are reduced to minimum.

Cavitation is based on a strong ultrasound function that breaks down fat cells which are sent to the bloodstream, so after cavitation it is necessary to perform lymphatic drainage.

After the treatment skin surface remains undamaged, you will feel no pain afterwards.

Cavitation treatments should be carried out once in every seven to ten days with accompanying lymphatic drainage (electrostimulation or vacuum drainage). The number of treatments required is individual and is determined after initial diagnosis.