Ultrasonic spatula

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Ultrasonic spatula

Treatment with Ultrasonic spatula is recommended for regular facial cleansing and before rejuvenating. The result is visible purity, firmness and refreshment as well as better blood circulation and hydration.

Due to improper nourishment and neglect, skin can result in certain problems and conditions such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, flaky skin, oily skin, dull skin, etc. Facial cleansing and face treatments are essential treatments for slowing down the early signs of aging, but also keeping your skin healthy, fresh and clean.

The treatment is performed at the frequency of 27 Hz and the epidermis is prepared for better absorption of facial care products that can be import with spatula.

The deepest layers of the skin receive strong stimulation in such way that the ultrasonic penetration cleanses the skin deeply while it is massaged. Stimulation improves skin healing, peripheral microcirculation is improved, which revitalizes the skin.

During work, blackheads remain on spatula. The ultrasonic vibration ejects comedones from the canal and at the same time removes a thin layer of superficial dead cells from the skin.

Area of activity:

  • lifting
  • acne
  • couperose
  • hyperpigmentation
  • peeling
  • cleansing the skin
  • hydration
  • oxygenation

Such facial cleansing is recommended especially for people with sensitive skin, but also for anti-age treatment. Ultrasonic facial cleansing is also great in combination with classic treatment as a final stage because it smoothes the skin and enhances the absorption of active and nutritional ingredients for skin care.

No redness occurs after the ultrasonic scrubbing. The ultrasonic spatula simultaneously cleans the pores and removes the layer of dead cells from the skin surface and enhances the cellular oxygen supply.

The result is pure, smooth and shiny skin without redness and irritation.

It is recommended for anyone who wants deep face cleansing. Ultrasound therapy is extremely useful for problematic skin with acne. Ultrasonic treatment is also known as “treatment before important events” because it cleanses the skin, does micromassage and relaxes the mimic muscles, and the face after treatment looks more reticent, tighter and younger.