SHR (super hair removal)

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What is SHR technology?

The method of hair removal without pain and side effects. The way in which permanent depilation is done with pulsed light: treated area should be shaved first and cleaned from the hair which remained after shaving. Then, hair removal gel is put on. Our device represents German quality. We were educated for operating the device in Hilden, in one the world’s biggest company and SHR manufacturer in cosmetic industry. It transmits pulsed light that impacts the cells responsible for hair growth. After 10 – 20 days, one can be under the impression that the hair continues to grow. That is normal. However, the hair is not growing, it is actually falling off. The treated area will, with time, remain without hair.

During the whole procedure the hair will grow slower and become more thiner and brighter. The frequency of this treatment depends on the characteristics of each individual. The hair removal can never be 100% successful after only one treatment, and there may occur a necessity for an ocassional repetition, so called, maintenance.

Your hair grows in three-phase cycles: anagen (active growth phase), cathagene (the intermediate phase in which the follicles are preparing for the resting phase) and telogen (the resting phase in which old hairs go away). Hair can be removed only in the anagen phase and for that reason treatments must be done every month.

It is possible that after the SHR treatment new hair follicles grows, but after a couple of treatments they will be significantly reduced.

During the treatment, slight sensation of prickling or warmth may occurre.

As skin contains melanin, it is necessary for skin not to have too much pigment (sun tanned skin) because there is possibility that hyperpigmentation occurres. If the directions are followed, and the treatment is done by an expert, then there will be no consequences, nor scalds.

SHR works by gradually warming the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages hair follicles and prevents growth again, avoiding tissue injuries. High rate repetition of short impulses is delivered deep into the dermis.

In-Motion technique ensures complete coverage over a certain area, while highly effective technology cools the skin surface and provides a comfortable, yet highly effective, hair removal treatment.

The SHR method has been proven in many clinical trials as the safest method of laser hair removal for all skin types, including dark skin. Follicle is not damaged by a single pulse of high energy, because of the repetitive low energy impulses that reduce the risk of burning the skin.

Color and thickness of the hair as well as the depth of hair roots impacts on the effectiveness of the treatment. More treatments are required in the case of light compared to darker hair. The success of the treatment also depends on the endocrinological problems and the genotype of the client.