RF (radiofrequency)

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RF (radio-frequency) is a non-surgical face and body radiowave lifting. With this treatment the natural collagen is regenerated and saggy skin is tightened. The saggy skin of upper arms, inner side of the thighs and stomach shows especially good results.

Benefits of RF (radiofrequency):

  • a non-invasive lifting, strenghtening and tightening of your skin
  • stimulation of collagen – elastin and collagenosis
  • revitalisation
  • regeneration of the lost skin equilibriums
  • tonification
  • drying of the acne formations
  • diminishing of under-eye bags

Radiofrequency of the face is a treatment with the radiofrequent energy which has an effect on your skin. The skins warms up deeply, whereas the surface does not get as warm as the skin interior. The warm up of the collagen fibres in dermis, a deeper skin layer results in their contraction, and the warmth itself speeds up the cells metabolism and fibroblasts which produce collagen. In that way the skin tightens notably. The results are visible after the first treatment. When discussing body treatments, except the improvement of the skin tonus, the radiowaves also melt fat tissue and in that way they help with weight loss.