Dry carbo bath

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Dry carbo bath

Dry carbo CO2 bath improved circulation thanks to carbon dioxide is a real inovation in the world of cosmetics. We have the opportunity to offer you a treatment during which you do not have to do anything but make yourself comfortable and spend the next 30-40 minutes in a lying position. The body is hermetically sealed in a bag filled with carbon dioxide, blood circulation is increased and the body produces a larger amount of oxygen. Carbo therapy is recommended to everybody who wants to get rid of cellulite, stretch marks, elderly skin changes, improve skin regeneration and detoxication of the whole body and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Advantages of dry carbo bath:

  • it melts the fat
  • it improves the blood flow
  • it provides oxygen to the tissue
  • it enlarges the alteration of tissue fluids
  • it controles Ph in blood and tissue
  • it detoxifies
  • it strenghtens the connective tissue
  • it improves the skin tonus
  • it reduces the skin stretches
  • it protects and affects positively on blood vessels

Carbo 11 is the only anticellulite treatment which can be applied on the part of the body where there are many expanded capillaries and veins. It’s an ideal as an antistress treatment which offers us a relaxation in an everyday life which can be fast and stressful.

With regular use, your skin also benefits from increased oxygen production. After treatment, the feeling of lightness in legs is really incredible. This bath represents a real bath of health because of its many advantages. Depending on the condition of the organism and its deficiencies, the number of treatments is determined. The bath should also sometimes use healthy people if they want a relaxing treatment and improve their body condition.

Often in combination with this treatment, we use biolight therapy for face and cleavage to make your skin even more beautiful.