Vacuslim 48

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Vacuslim 48 is a new method for professional weight loss and cellulite elimination that is quick and easy to apply, especially in situations where you need to accelerate and start the weight loss process and improve the skin’s appearance.


  • Visible reduction in volume after first treatment
  • Improves appearance and tone of the skin after a series of treatments
  • Elimination of excess liquid
  • Metabolic action of active substances on the lipolysis process (degradation of fatty deposits)
  • Simultaneously achieving sauna and the lymphatic drainage effect

Vacuslim 48 anti-cellulite and weight loss treatment can be used as an independent treatment or can be combined as a supplement to achieve better and faster results with cosmetic cavitation, radiofrequency and other treatments.

Active Substances

L-Carnitine: it has a strong influence on the fatty acid oxidation process by helping transport fat to mitochondria where fat burns into energy

RonaCareRutinsulfate: a beneficial component for reducing cellulite and feeling of heavy legs, improves peripheral circulation, provides nutrient supply to the tissue and removes harmful substances making skin youthful and beautiful

Caffeine: a powerful antioxidant that breaks down fat in deeper layers of skin while simultaneously improving microcirculation

Thermolate: produces a pleasant feeling of warmth in the body

Wild chestnut extract: contains escin that reduces the symptoms of tired and tense legs

Ivy extract: contains substances that have anticellulite effect suppressing the appearance of orange crust

Algae extract: intensely hydrates and refreshes the skin

Essential oils complexes: lemon, cinnamon, orange, rosemary, bergamot, mint and lavender refresh and relax the skin, contributing to its better appearance.


While the client is standing, we put Vacuslim 48 thermo slimming serum 1 from the waist to the feet. Then, Vacuslim 48 slimming and firming cream 2 is applied, whose active ingredients accelerate fat metabolism and eliminate excess water in the body.

The cream has a thermo-crio effect and creates a pleasant feeling on the skin of the client while simultaneously injecting the active ingredients.

Client is placed in Vacuslim 48 in a lying position and then we extract all the air from the bag to create vacuum.

Client stays in a lying position for 30 minutes to ensure that all active components from Vacuslim 48 make their maximum effect.

In the same way we treat the arms, as well as the upper arms, and after applying the preparation, we put a transparent foil.

After the treatment is completed, we apply anti-cellulite massage for 3-5 minutes with Vacuslim 48 anti-cellulite and firming massage oil.

For clients with extended veins and capillaries, we apply Vacuslim 48 cold cream 2 to the body. Hot serum Vacuslim 48 serum 1 can only be applied to areas that are not affected by veins or capillaries.

Treatment is exclusively for professional use in cosmetic salons and spa centers.

Applies to healthy clients who can use massage and any facial and body care treatments.


  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Insulin patients
  • At least 8 months after surgery
  • Pregnant women
  • Women who breast-feed
  • Women who have recently given birth to an imperial cut
  • Malignant diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Red and inflamed skin

For a good effect it is recommended a package of 6 to 12 treatments that are performed 3 times a week, and after the end of the treatment in the salon we recommend home care use; serums and creams.